the importance of design

arch- prefix. 1. chief; principal; of highest rank:
2. eminent above all others of the same kind
— Merriam Webster


Just like our company's name - Archos - design is of the highest importance to any organization or individual. The image you put forth is what defines you to the world, whether that be by means of a logo, website, business card, or pamphlet. Small businesses rely on their representation to gain new clients, and we're here to help with creating that - something that directly translates to more and better business.



Years of experience and a passion for graphic design come together to fit your needs. Whether that be in the form of a brand package for your company or a social media profile picture, we assure that the final product will reflect professionalism and success. Together we can make your ideas reality.

“They made me a high quality, professional logo that boosted my company image”
— Seth Claymon, CEO NetConnect

how we do it

First, you come to us with a set of goals and ideas. These don't need to be concrete - thats where we come in. Taking this seed of an idea, we grow it into a fully fledged final product, keeping you updated along the way. Every detail is considered, from colors, fonts, spacing, and market analysis. Each aspect contributes to your brand, after all, hence why it is critical to be diligent. After a few rounds of revision and the seal of approval, the final product is delivered in whatever manner necessary, whether by publishing

the website or emailing you the finished files. However, we aren't done just yet. If you have any concerns or small issues down the line with your logo or need additional formats of a file, we're here to help. These quick fixes come free of charge as a symbol of our loyalty and commitment to customer service. 

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